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Some descriptionSince start 2003, Sunda Aquatic.,Part. officially began operation. We have gradually accumulated experiences in the business of exporting live ornamental fishes. We have developed the quality and value of our products and offerings, which have proven to be very well accepted by customers around the world.


For the past 10 years, we have strived to continuosly improve our farm management system and packing technology. It is important to us that our life stocks can be shipped to arrive at our customers' hands in perfectly healthy condition.

As a result, Sunda Aquatic. Part. has become widely accepted by our past customers gloablly to be one of the very few Indonesian exporters able to maintian the good health of live tropical fishes during transit. We are obsessed with maintaining low Dead on Arrival (DOA) statistics. We are proud to announce that for every shipment in the past 6 months, our DOA for each shipment averages less than 5%. However, we will not stop here. We will continue to improve our packing techniques and lower our average DOA rate to ensure that our wholesale customers receive their purchases in the best condition possible. At Sunda Aquatic, we believe that if we can create better value to help our customers improve their profits, our customers' trust in our offerings will then keep us in business for the long term.

Sunda Aquatic.,Part. have not only paid attention on product development line, but we have also focused on services seriously. This made Atlantis Indoaquatica.,Part. Can expand our customer's base to many regions all around the world where the air cargos can serve. Now we have customers from Asia, Middle East, EU,USA &Canada inclusive of some part of Africa and South America as well. We started our business relationship as business partners and developped to be friends and some became brother sister now. For the very high risk business like this, is there anything better that this if you can do business with the one you can trust and lean your business profit on his hands.

Our company policies have always been very clear from the start. We are fully customer oriented and we are always in the process of improving our customer support and product quality. We welcome and appreciate ALL feedbacks, good and bad, so that we can use the valuable information to improve how we can keep YOU happy and satisfied.

It is here that we would like to lighten your worry about frauds - it is a fact that we worry as much as you do. Recently there has been many fraud cases where we are extremely taken advantage of. If you were in our shoes, you would have been amused at the incredible numbers of deceitful acts - they try all the time! In order to continue our business without too much losses, we have to take some measures involving filtering insincere customers from honest ones.

Some of these implementations may create some inconveniences for you (our new customers), however we hope to prove to you that we're always thinking on how to make you feel more comfortable doing business with us.




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