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Ornamental fishes
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We're that confident with our tropical fish that we're willing to Take the risk for you. Here're the reasons why you should be importing your next batch from us and what you'll get by doing so:

For your ease of mind, we have clear policies that emphasize product quality and customer satisfaction. You're why we exist! Now you can import your fish easily, safely and you can always count on us for any support on our products. 
By providing you with wonderful alive guarantees, you can be sure you won't suffer any loses. You'll always get the healthiest and the best quality fish we can get our hands on.

We provide you with exellent services and prompt replies. After all, this is a long-term business relationship we're trying to make. Send us an e-mail and we'll talk how we can do business together to obtain a "win-win" for both parties.
 As our business partner and friend, we appreciate your business and we strive to provide the best freshwater fish and services.
With professional packing and quality fishes, our DOA records have been shown to be less than 5%. We guarantee every fish that leaves our farm will ARRIVE ALIVE at its destination after leaving our system.
How can we make this guarantee, you ask?

This is because we are confident that:
1. You only get healthy specimens.
2. You only receive the fishes by fast, reliable method of shipping.
(Fastest air flight from Jakarta to your airport)
3. Professional packing decreases the odds of DOAs.
So, here's our personal promise to you:
If your fishes do not arrive alive or if they die more than 5% from fish value  within 24 hours after receiving them at the airport, we will issue credit note for you immediately. The credit note can deduct the amount of your next order.
The following conditions apply:
 1. You must take immediate delivery of your order upon its arrival.
2. Please make sure that your water quality is good.
3. You must acclimate the new arrival fishes.
We will issue a credit note for you with the value after 5% fish value deduction. You will be able to use credit note to deduct amount  on your next order. Our guarantee does not cover the cost of shipping, handling, papers or applicable packing charge.
Sunda Aquatic Indonesia


FinaLly, Import your next freshwater aquarium fish safely and easily with higher than 98% survival rate - Guaranteed!.
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