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marine exotic fishes

marine fishes.

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Bicolor Angel, Grey Orange-Striped Angel, Lemonfeel Eibl Hybrid Angel, Midnight Angel, Blue Angel, Pearl-Scale Angel, Black Velvet (Fox) Angel, Vermiculated Angel, Majestic Angel, Blue-Faced Angel, Blue-Ringed Angel, Emperor Angel, Koran Angel, Six-Barred Angel Juv, Six-Barred Angel Juv, Regal Angel, Yellow Regal  Angel (Indopacific), Regal Angel Juv, Many Banded Angefish, Three-Spotted Angel, Lemonpeel, Yellow Tail Angel, Six-Barred Angel, Bellus Lyretail Angelfish, Koran Angel Adult, Coral Beauty, Zebra Angel, Golden Angel, Violet Angel, Black Spot Lyretail Angelfish, Zebra Lyretail Angelfish, Koran Angel Adult.


Threadfin Butterfly, Saddleback Butterfly, Sickle Butterfly, Saddled Butterfly, Pacific Double-saddle Butterfly, Raccoon Butterfly, Meyer's Butterfly, Ornate Butterfly, Brown-And-White Butterfly, Ocellate Butterfly, Pakistani Butterfly, One-Spot Butterfly, Bennetts Butterfly, Copperband Butterfly, Long-Snouted Butterfly, Assorted Butterflies, Oval Butterfly, Vagabond Butterfly, Chevron Butterfly, Triangular Butterfly, Lined Butterfly, Klein's Butterfly, Golden Eight-band Butterfly, Merten's Butterfly, Pearl-Scale Butterfly, Decorated Butterfly, Burgess's Butterfly, Mailed Butterfly, Peppered Butterfly, Latticed Butterfly, Sunset Butterfly, Melon Butterfly



Clown Demoiselle, True Percula/Clown Irian, Clown Demoiselle (Captive Bred), Percula Clown (Captive Bred), Clark's Anemonefish, Bright Yellow Clarkii (Indian Ocean), Maroon Clown, Gold Striped Maroon, Gold Striped Maroon (Captive Bred), Fire Clown, Red Tomato Clown, Cinnamon Clownfish, Raccoon Clown, Saddleback Clown, Blue Stripe Anemonfish/Irian Anemonfish, Sebae Anemonefish, Skunk-Striped Clown, Orange Anemonefish, Orange Anemonefish (Captive Bred)



Honey-Striped Damsel, Black Mouth Damsel, Cross' Damsel, Speckled Damsel, Twin-Spot Damsel, Blueback Damsel, Talbot's Damsel, Black-Barred Damsel, Banggai Damsel, Rolland's Damsel, Yellow-Backed Damsel, Blue Velvet Damsel, Yellow-Tailed Blue Damsel, Azure Damsel, Sergeant-Major, Blue-Green Chromis, Spiny Chromis, Bicolor Chromis, Black & White Chromis (Aceh), Black Bar Chromis, White-Tailed Damsel, Black-Tailed Humbug, Reticulated Damsel, Three-Spot Damsel, Yellow Damsel, Blue Damsel, Coral Demoiselle, Fusilier Damsel , Blue Devi, Yellow-Bellied Damsel, Blue Star Damsel, Red-Yellow Damsel, Black-banded Demoiselle, Orange-Tailed Blue Devil, Jewel Damsel, Golden Damsel, Kupang Damsel (Half Blue Demoiselle), Palu Damsel.



Green Wrasse, Yellow-Tail Spotted Wrasse, Red Tailed Tamarin, Red-and-Blue Wrasse, Carpenter's, Flasher Wrasse, Solar Fairy Wrasse, Filamented Flasher Wrasse, Pacific Exquisite Fairy Wrasse, Mille Fairy Wrasse, Whip-fin Wrasse, Orange-Back Fairy Wrasse, Blueside Wrasse, Eclips Hogfish, Red Finned Fairy Wrasse, Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse, Threadfin Wrasse, Red Margin Fairy Wrasse, Saddle-Back Hogfish, Coral Hogfish, Diana's Hogfish, Lyretail Hogfish, Twinspot Hogfish, Cigar Wrasse, Golden Rainbow Fish, Four-Spotted Wrasse, Red Labrid Juv, Clown Coris, Red Head Wrasse, Green Bird Wrasse Male, Brown Bird Wrasse Female, Marble Wrasse, Yellow-Breasted Tamarin, Rainbow Wrasse, Axil Spot Wrasse, Nebulous Wrasse, Hardwick's Wrasse, Half-and-Half Thicklip, Red Breasted Wrasse, Slingjaw Wrasse, Tripletailed Wrasse, Barred Thicklips, Dragon Wrasse, Ringed Wrasse, Cleaner Wrasse, Bicolor Cleaner Wrasse, Chiseltooth Wrasse, Golden Head Cleaner, Leopard Wrasse, Negros Wrasse, Twotone Wrasse, Six-Lined Wrasse, Striated Wrasse, Orange-Band Wrasses, Orange-Axil Wrasse, Royal Pencil Wrasse, Kallochroma Wrasse, Pinstriped Wrase, Dusky Tailed Wrasse, Three-Spot Wrasse, Zig Zag Wrasse, Yellow-Tailed Cleaner, Picto Wrasse, Maori Wrassa, Cleaner Mimic, Yellow-Striped Worm Eel, Shark Sucker, Shark Sucker, Pennant Glider, Blue Face Goby, Golden Tilefish, Redstripe Tilefish, Purple Tilefish, Railway Glider, Pretty Prawn Goby, Valancienne's Goby, Sharp-nosed Weever, Tiger Sleeper Goby, Red Banded Weeper, Ocellated Gudgeon, Ladder Glider, Dusky Tilefish, Orange-marked Goby, Blue Whiting, Oriental Flying Gurnard, Blue Blanquillo




And also We have more type of Marine fishes such us Shark, Surgeoun, And other fishes, please contact us for more detail by email to info@atlantis-indoaquatica.com.

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